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Tomato travel with Galen Foods

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Having principle of presenting non-harmful products for human health to the customers, Galen Foods constitutes the products and services by putting the customers on the centre of all applications and operations. This is based on being closely acquainted with the customers, knowing how to make them happy and delivery power for products and services. The products, going out from Galen Foods factory, are delivered to you in a healthy way and are produced in features you demand.

After the drying process, tomato is waited between 0 and +4 degree. The moisture values in the storage areas are adjusted in 50% and 60%. They are stored here without any deterioration for 1 (one) year.

There are many vitamins within tomatoes. It is tasteful and is a kind of plant grown in many countries in the world. The water amount in a grown tomato completely constitutes 95% of its weight. 0,2% of the remaining value is fat and 3,3% of it is sugar. Apart from that, there is cellulose and metallic substance. Lycopene, giving red colour to tomato, is a kind of carotene material. It includes vitamins A and C in a great amount and vitamins B2, P, PP and K in a few amount. Also, there is protein, carbonhydrate, potassium, calcium and iron.

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