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The Importance and benefits of dried tomato

Semi Dried Tomatoes Storage

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The storage method by drying is to remove the current water within the tomato and to prevent the vital activity of living creatures mouldering foods. The products such as grape, nut, tomato, apple, berry, pine, pea, okra, bean, aubergine, lentil, plum, and fig can be stored after drying process and then can be consumed.

The benefits, arising from the drying process, can be defined as the followings for tomato: Due to the fact that the volume of the product decreases, the size of it also decreases. This reduces the packaging expenses and eases the transport. Furthermore, the usage field of semi dried tomato is wider than the fresh product. The nutritional value of it is higher than the product used as fresh.

Sulphured Semi Dry Tomato

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If we categorize the foods, we can call fruit, vegetable and fish. Fruit group includes in apricot, almond, plum, cherry, berry, nut, peach and similar products.

For the vegetables, it is possible to classify as aborigine, bean, onion, potato. The fish group includes in mendole, picarel, mackarel. During the semi drying process, the vegetables are boiled in water vapour. The benefit of boiling method is that the vitamins inside do not decrease. Due to the fact that the tissues loosen, the drying process gets easier. The fruits are waited in sugary water for approximately 10 minutes and then are taken. This method prevents the darkening for the fruits.

The fruits such as nut and almond are dried with their hulls. Some fruits can be sulphured. The fruits such as apricot, peach, pear and apple can be processed in this way. The purpose here is to protect their natural colours, tastes and nutritional values. It is done to protect vitamins A and C inside. Furthermore, they are protected against yeast, mould and bacteria with this method. As well as sulphuring process provides protection against insects, it shortens the period of the drying process.

After the cutting progress, sulphured semi dried tomato is produced by pulverizing sulphur on tomatoes lied on earth. The sulphur amount within dry tomato is applied upon the demands of the customer.

Firstly, the products are classified and selected according to the colours in the semi drying process. Metal is controlled via detectors before the packaging process. After labelling, they are taken to warehouses and dispatched.

Galen Foods has ability and experience to execute semi drying processes by using any kind of methods for semi dried tomatoes.

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