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Galen Foods has ability and experience to execute drying processes by using any kind of methods for dried tomatoes. Many of the tomatoes are dried under the sun in our country. The reason to prefer this method is that this is the economic one. However, the products, which have risk to be exposed to outer effects, can be contaminated easily and their hygienic conditions can be lost.

Choosing the producers, not complying with quality standards and not having enough opportunity to perform the controls, can cause significant problems in the future. Galen Foods inspects each process of the production with the food engineer, agriculture engineer and technicians within the company.

Oval-shaped tomatoes are preferable for dried tomatoes in Turkey. Tomatoes are taken to process of cutting in the special machines and they are cut into two or four. The red, spotless and middle size tomatoes are selected in the process of selection. Before the drying process, there are some stages for tomatoes. Respectively, they are washing, selecting, sizing, cutting, sulfuring and salting processes.

Some companies can perform the drying process after completing all the processes required for tomatoes. Galen Foods tests the conformity of the tomatoes, delivered to factory in trucks or trailers. As a result of these testes, if the approval for conformity is provided, the tomatoes, discharged into the pool of entrance, are taken to washing process. After completing the washing process, the tomatoes are taken to selection line. The rotten, squashed and green ones are sorted out. After this process, the tomatoes are directed to cutting line. After completing this process, they are taken to plates and salting process is applied upon the demands. And then, they are placed into the ovens and the drying process is completed so.

For the packaging process, the tomatoes are taken to stores, which are 0 degree. They are waited for the consignment in chill stores.

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